Bikes Against A Wall Gallery

Everyone likes bike lists right?  Here are the current and past rides.  Be sure to check back, it changes quite regularly…

steel touring bike

Surly Long Haul Trucker

I’ve wanted one of these for quite some time, and this one just fell into my lap. King headset, WTB skin wall knobbies, FSA comfy bars. Got some ideas for this bike, but plan on riding it as is for a while before any changes.


steel single speed 29er

Raleigh XXIX

Steel single speed 29er. Non suspension corrected. Very cool bike, no frills trail machine.  I feel that Raleigh nailed the geometry on this bike, and in my opinion, this is one of those rare gem bikes that was only made for one year in this setup. If this is your sort of thing, it’s legit.

vintage steel bike

Univega Alpina

Mid-nineties steel mountain bike.  Set up as a makeshift single speed.  I’m not sure what the hell I’m doing with this one. Added BMX style bars from my daughter’s old bike.


Pure Fix fixed gear

One of my favorite bikes, and it was free!  Set up as a SSCX, all purpose, knock around bike.




This is my beater bike, which requires the least amount of maintenance and it works perfectly.  I have gotten compliments on this bike at road races, where racers on $4000 Cervelos stop and say, “Nice bike.”  No one will take me up on a trade though…


Past Bikes

Those are the current bikes, here are a few that I have ridden, and enjoyed.  My archive if you will:



Gary Fisher X-Cal

2010 29er. Fox fork. And yes, a triple crankset. I thought I would dig this geometry again, identical to my Rig from 10 years ago. Didn’t like it. Moved on.

vintage mountain bike

Cannondale F700

Project bike, just didn’t materialize as I had hoped. Sold to a vintage Cannonade enthusiast, so I know it is getting ridden with love.

fat bike

Surly Pugsley

Another white Pugs. Fun times during the winter, but not much else. Moved on…

fixed gear

Surly Steamroller

Interesting bike. I put zero miles on it. Set it up like this and sold it. Purely just a flip.


single speed alt bar cyclocross bike

Surly Cross Check

Single speed flat bar cross build. Some fancy stuff on there, some not so much. I really liked it, then decided a cross bike was not for me at this time in my life. I am pretty much done with road riding.

surly big dummy long tail cargo bike xtracycle

Surly Big Dummy

The Big Dummy was cool, and honestly I regretted trading it just a tad… live and learn.

surly ice cream truck.

Surly Ice Cream Truck

The ICT was a good time. Gigantic footprint, and suspension fork to boot. It was like riding a couch. Comfy. I also rode it a bunch with the stock fork, which made it a little different but still fun. Downsides: Crazy heavy. Almost arduous to move around the trails. The BB was crazy wide, so I developed a bit of knee pain as well. I put a ton of miles on it, and did not regret seeing it drive down the road on someone else’s bike rack.

all city macho man disc

All City Macho Man Disc

Steel cross bike.  Cool bike, just not cool enough…

lemond poprad disc cyclocross steel is real

Lemond Poprad Disc

Made in the States steel frame, super super super low miles.  Too stretched out of a frame for me…


rivendell clem smith jr

Rivendell Clem Smith Jr.

Steel frame, 650B wheels, super comfy riding position.  I called this my hobo bike.  Regretted trading it away almost immediately.


I still kick myself for getting rid of this one.


salsa cycles

Salsa Fargo

Adventure by bike, in bunches. People always ask what type of bike this is. One gent even asked if it were a hybrid bike. I always respond with, “It’s a mountain bike.” Which it is. And a damn fine one.

raleigh xxix

Raleigh XXIX

Steel hardtail, Fox suspension fork, 29″ wheels, Gates Carbon Belt drive, Shimano Hydraulic disc brakes.  Steel is real.

salsa colossal

Salsa Colossal

Road bike. Steel frame, carbon fork, Shimano 105 drivetrain. Adventure by bike, in road form, however busted those roads may be. Super cool bike, but I finally realized that I am not a road biker. MTB through and through.


Surly Troll

Even though the Troll was, and still is my favorite bike model, it was time for the frame to move onto greener pastures. Great frame, but the overlap with the newer Fargo was too great to handle. Sorry Troll, enjoy your next build.

surly cross check

Surly Cross Check

Had this one for a few months. Had some great rides on it. Liked it, but did not love it. Wrong size for me.


Surly Pugsley

The Pugsley was a super fun bike, but unfortunately it did not mesh with my riding style. I tend to ride bikes pretty aggressively, and this bike just wanted to cruise through the woods at a leisurely pace. Cool bike, just not for me.

cannondale t500

Cannondale T500

This was a late 90s touring bike that I picked up for virtually nothing from a friend.  The bike had been purchased, then ridden across the country, then parked in my friend’s basement for around a decade.  I converted this one to a flat bar road bike, set up as a 1×8 with friction shifting.  This bike was a ton of fun; as a daily ride, trailer puller, and grocery getter.  If I find another one of these, I will definitely try to pick it up.

Haro Mary

Haro Mary SS

Rigid steel, 29er single speed.  This bike was my first foray into rigid steel bikes, and I have not looked back since.  Not a bad ride, and completely solid.  I tried to buy one of these in 2008 and could not find one anywhere, then found this one years later.

specialized m2 road

Specialized M2 Road Pro

My first legit road bike, this bike was like a sports car.  Super light, 1×8 shifting that was handled by a Shimano Dura Ace drive train, with a carbon fork to boot.  Crazy light, almost too light for my tastes.  I felt like I was going to break it on every ride.  I also could never get the proper fit on this one, so it moved on to greener pastures.

airborne skyhawk

Airborne Skyhawk

29 vs 26

29″ vs. 26″

Two bikes in the photo above, both were a couple of firsts for me.  The Haro V3 on the right was my first “real” mountain bike.  Completely entry level, I rode this bike until every single part had been replaced.  I wish I knew how many miles were on that frame.  One of the toughest bicycles that I have ever owned.  I kept the frame and added an Xtracycle kit to make it a cargo bike.

The bike on the left was my first 29er, and first single speed, in the form of a Gary Fisher Rig.  Fox F29 fork, Bontrager components, 32×18 gearing.  I bought this while living in Southern California, and cut my single speed teeth out West.  Great bike, with a fatal flaw:  Poor welds.  I broke two of the 2008 frames in the same spot, where the top tube met the seat tube, which surprisingly was a “normal” break for this model.  After two 2008 frames, I ended up with this:

2010 Gary Fisher Rig

2010 Gary Fisher Rig SS

Up graded to a newer, updated frame, this bike was definitely sharp looking.  But at this point, I didn’t really care for it.  So it changed to this:

gary fisher rig fat front

Gary Fisher Pig (fat front Rig)

I sold the Fox F29 fork, and bought a Salsa Enabler fork, and had a Surly Large Marge rim built to make this bike a fat front, or half fat if you prefer.  This was definitely interesting, but after riding a full fat bike, it is just not the same.  Half fat bikes are definitely a gateway drug.

xtracycle cargo bike

Xtracycle Cargo Bike

I used my Haro V3 frame as a donor bike, and added the “hitch-less” trailer attachment to make my first cargo bike.  Very, very practical.  Lots of fun too.  This was my only bike for a time, so it was ridden a ton.  Sadly, it was sold because it was my only bike, and I was wanting to get back onto the dirt.

kona ute

Kona Ute cargo bike

I found this gem used, and really enjoyed it for the most part.  The downfall for this bike to me was that it was just not comfortable.  I never felt right on it, for some reason it was just off.  Maybe it was because I had originally used an Xtracycle, with it’s longer wheelbase, but this bike just did not feel right.  Harsh ride too, with it’s aluminum frame.

As you can tell, my garage is a revolving door of bicycles.  Bikes are just material things, and usually can be replaced quite easily if needed. Why not take a ride on as many as you possibly can right?


5 thoughts on “Bikes Against A Wall Gallery

  1. I enjoyed seeing that half fat in there. I have an El Mariachi that I’ve set up with a Marge Lite fat front, and I love it. I also have a regular 29er front wheel setup that I’ll throw in there. You’re right though, half fats are definitely a gateway drug. If money were no object, I would probably also have a Mukluk or Beargrease. And many many more bikes 😀

    1. I really liked the fat Fisher. Wish I would’ve given it a little more time. I’m with you on the “if money were no object” thing too! I’d have a Jones, Blackbarrow DS, Pugsley, steel roadie, and a cargo bike to name a few. If only!

  2. Ever going to sell the Haro Mary or Fisher Pig? Both super sweet bikes! I currently have the 2015 xxix and I am in love with it. You have a sweet ss collection.

    1. Thanks Lars! I am a big fan of single speeds. Both the Mary and the Gary Fisher have moved on. I really wish I would’ve held onto the Mary a little longer though.

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