Cross Check v1.3

Making some changes to the CC over the past few.  Version 1.3 if you will…

First up, crankset from Sugino, with a step down in my gearing from a 44t to a 40t (narrow/wide) from Raceface.

sugino raceface

After a few weeks running the more mellow gearing, it has made the CC run way better.  I am spinning out a bit more on the flats, but climbing is much more enjoyable.  Also, dirt forays work well with my 40×18 gearing.  I think this might be a good CX starter gear for me, if I decide to dip my toe into the whole racing thing…

Today I added an old favorite:

surly open bar, surly cross check

Surly Open Bar, 40mm rise, flipped to give a more speedy position.  I ran this setup for a while on my former Troll, and liked it immensely.  On a side note;  the guy I bought this bar and stem from off the used market is the same guy I sold them to a few years ago.  He never used them!  Random.  Also added the standard Avid SL7 levers, which were on my Univega experiment.  Which failed.  Whatever.

alt bar single speed cyclocross bike

I feel right now, the Check is where I want it to be.  Someday gears, but for now, this is pretty awesome.



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