Vintage Mountain Biking.

A while ago I picked up an old steel mountain bike for next to nothing.  I have wanted to simplify my cycling routines a bit, and decided to give an old MTB a try.  Plus, I blew my bike fund on a cargo bike without having a mountain bike in the stable.  At minimum, I could ride the vintage MTB until next year when I would spring for a new ride.  Anyway, today was the first dirt dance with the new old bike.

vintage steel mountain bike

A few changes happened out of the gate with this bike.  The original owner, meaning I am only the second owner of this bike, had it set up as a makeshift single speed, with an old LX rear derailleur as a chain tensioner.  No front brake, and some random bits here and there.  My initial changes:  New swept back handlebars, new AVID levers, a front brake installed, new rubber from Kenda, and I cleaned up the drivetrain a little, surprisingly finding the magic gear of 32×20.  I will say it looks cool.

Riding it was awesome.  It is stupid light.  Or maybe I am used to my tank of a cargo bike now.  Whatever, if felt light.  I enjoyed my single track time of around seven miles this morning, however…

The frame is too small.

I have a crazy long stem installed, and the seat post is almost maxed.  It just slightly feels odd, just odd enough to bother me while riding.  Shit, there goes that experiment.

I do think though, that I could install a swept back handlebar like a Nitto Albatross, make the gearing a tad more steep with a 38t chainring from my parts bin, and this turns into a sweet basket/bar bike.


One thought on “Vintage Mountain Biking.

  1. Sounds like you’re having fun on the steel stallion! Fun for next to nothing is always a bonus and with regards to the frame size, push on until the spring then just get a new ride and mount that badboy on the garage wall, it would be a good vocal point after a few post rip beers! Thanks for the entertaining post.

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