Utah Hiking.

This past week I was lucky enough to spend some time in Utah.  Never been there ever, and luckily a great friend from college decided to have her destination wedding there.  My wife and I said our good byes to the kids and had an amazing 4 days exploring what Utah had to offer.  Long story short, Utah is pretty awesome!

ogden utah hiking

Ogden has a great outdoor vibe.  The downtown area seems to be starting a major revitalization, with new hip establishments seemingly growing out of the old, empty storefronts.  Everyone was friendly, and my Chacos mixed with pants drew no ill comments.

hiking in chacos

Our first hike was Waterfall Canyon.  If you have time for only one hike in Ogden, do this hike.  It was amazing.  Not a long hike at all, but 1100ft elevation gain in 1.3mi, and the last 1/3rd being a pretty tough scramble to the top.  It was awesome.

ogden utah hiking

Another great hike in the area was Antelope Island state park.  My wife and I love state parks, me especially since I used to work for the Ohio park system, and we try to visit them as much as possible.  Antelope Island was amazing.  Awesome views everywhere.  Surrounded by the Great Salt Lake.  Tons of wildlife.

antelope island state park utah

Buffalo, Pronghorn antelope, elk, mule deer, etc.  The bison above was just hanging out right beside the road.  The animals were great, but the views were greater.

utah hiking

Our last hike before our wedding commitment was along the Indian Trail off of the 22nd street trailhead in Ogden.  Somewhat of a longer trail, we hiked only a portion before retracing our steps and connecting to the nearby Bonneville Trail.  Ogden’s trail network is pretty damn impressive.  It made me wish I had a bicycle with me to explore even more!

ogden utah hiking

ogden utah hiking

ogden utah hiking

After all our hikes, it was time to celebrate good friends.  Erin and Jon picked a superb location to tie the knot.

ogden utah hiking

utah wedding

Perfect way to spend a few days; explore a new area, spend some time hiking with your best friend, and celebrate good friends getting married!

If you get the chance, check out Ogden.  Lots of great hikes, and surprisingly lots of great food!  One place that I do need to mention is the Wasatch Roasting Company, which fueled our adventure daily with amazing coffee.  Such a great spot, and with bonus nitro cold brew coffee on tap as well!  Check them out!


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