Big Dummy miles.

Putting the Big Dummy through all of the #dadbike paces lately.  A few rides for/with beer, a few rides running errands, and a few kid rides to boot.  The Dummy now gives us the option to ride until little legs are tired, then I can carry everything home.  It’s been pretty awesome!

cargo bikes, riding with kids

After riding around the local bike path, and showing my daughter some of the secret stash spots that I go to hang out and take in the river, we started our journey home.  The nagging reminder of the upcoming hill was a bit much for my little lady.  Since she was not up to the task for trying to climb, we loaded up the bike and she rode home like the princess that she is.  A biking princess, but a princess nonetheless.

cargo bikes

Riding a bike while hauling a bike and human is a little odd at first.  Once you figure out the odd balance issues and bike sway it really was not too bad.  The bike sway was very similar to pulling a trailer.  Overall, it’s a pretty great setup for #dadbiking.  It’s amazing how much I have missed having a cargo bike, glad one is hanging out in my garage now!


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