Bikedrinking, #dadlife, and wrenching.

Full past few days full of sweet bike action:

beer and bicycles

Night riding is one of my favorite things, and when you add beer it is even better.  I had forgotten how amazing cargo bikes were, until I loaded my cooler bag into the spacious Big Dummy.  Not that I was carrying a ton of beers, but it was nice to just toss in random things with no concern for how it’s packed.  Perfect vessel for bike drinking.

adventure kids

Following day, headed to the woods with the two oldest.  My daughter wanted to mountain bike, and my son wanted to trail run.  I had the baby in my hiking pack, so it was perfect.  I am really stoked that these kids love the outdoors as much as I do, which is especially important these days.  Maybe our country’s leader doesn’t give a crap about nature, but at least some of the future generation will.  That’s my goal anyway.

single speed

I am a big fan of getting more people on bikes, and my buddy Eric has been a welcome participant in that regard.  After scoring a new 29er last year, he wanted his old Rockhopper turned into a single speed.  Easy enough.  Short trip to the bike shop, a beer’s worth of wrenching time, and now he has a no frills single speed to bash around the woods in.  I say bash because he wrecks a lot.  I am now trying to convince him to ditch the shitty suspension fork and go rigid.  Not sure if he’s drank enough of that kook-aid just yet.


One thought on “Bikedrinking, #dadlife, and wrenching.

  1. Cool post – my favorite is to ride to local breweries on my bike. Have to be careful though – I almost stayed too late and had to haul it to get to the station to catch the last train at one in the morning to get back to my suburban home.

    Thanks for sharing.

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