New (old) Bike Day.

Since I am lacking a dedicated mountain bike in the stable currently, I picked up an oldie but a goodie today thanks to Craigslist.  From what I can gather, it’s a Univega Alpina from around 1995.  This bike checks a few boxes for me; steel, set up single speed, and 26″ wheels.  Yes, 26″ wheels!  What is happening here…

Overall, it’s nothing fancy, but I picked it up for next to nothing.  Mavic rims with old school Shimano LX hubs, a LX crank, and an old LX rear derailleur in place of a chain tensioner.  And this fancy seat:


It’s like it was destined to be mine.

For real though, I have been intrigued with simplifying my cycling.  For a while, I wanted to pick up a Transition Klunker as my only mountain bike.  Again, simplify things.  This fits in with that mantra.

I’ve got some simply changes coming down the pipe for this one, but it should make it pretty useful for single track.


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