Cross Check miles.

I’ve recently been on vacation to the great state of Rhode Island, and I took the Cross Check with me as well.  Rhode Island was pretty awesome.  Good family times, good bike rides, and great scenery to boot.

surly cross check ocean drive rhode island

cycling in rhode island

After being gone for a week, Spring really sprung in Ohio.  Green everywhere!

surly cross check single speed

The Cross Check is really clicking for me.  I thought the gearing at 44×18 might be a tad too steep, but so far I have ridden everything climb wise that I normally would.  I think the biggest changes coming down the pipe would be a different set of bars still, maybe a smaller chainring like a 40t, and a knobbier set of tires.  I do like my current set of gumwalls, but in the dirt its a slip and slide.  Overall, its a super fun build.

single speed alt bar cyclocross bike


4 thoughts on “Cross Check miles.

    1. Im running the freewheel. Slowly rebuilding my fixed gear though as I do kinda miss riding fixed. Never thought Id say that. Congrats on the BMC, awesome bike!

  1. I’m with you on the Surlys and Rhode island is my favorite place in the world, but my Straggler has a full set of gears since I’m no where near that hard core. WTB Nano has been my favorite tire so far on the Straggler. I have a set of 37mm WTB Riddlers on there now, and I feel like the rear one is wearing too quickly. I just spend too much time on pavement. I should change that I suppose and do more gravel. I think I’m going to put on some Hutchinson Sector 28s next….which will be a big change… we’ll see how it goes

    1. I have looked at both of those WTB tires, almost ordered the Nanos. Just ordered a set of Continental Cross tires in 42s. We shall see how well they work for me.

      I plan on gears at some point, my knees are not what they once were I am finding out!

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