Archery time…

Recently I was gifted a bow, as I have been wanting to learn the skill of shooting a bow and arrow.  I used to shoot when I was a kid, but it has been many many moons since I let an arrow fly into the wind.  Luckily, a good family friend hunts pretty much anything, and had a bow to pass my way; a vintage Bear Alaskan recurve.

recurve bow, archery, bear archery

After buying a target and some cheap aluminum arrows, I was off to bruise my forearm in the backyard.  Getting the hang of shooting a recurve took some time, but I feel that I am getting the hang of it.  Building up finger strength for the forty five pound pull is interesting too.

What I didn’t expect though, is that my two oldest kids were intrigued and now want to shoot.  Easy enough.  My oldest son took to it immediately:

kids archery adventure kids

With a junior bow for him, and a bow for my daughter, we are all learning archery together!  And, teaching proper weapon awareness/skills/safety too.  Now my wife has to quote the movie Brave, “No weapons at the table!” at dinnertime!  Bows everywhere!


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