Bike Discussion.

Now that the fat bike has moved, the process of bike buying starts all over again.  I think I am addicted to the process…  Anyway, here are a few bikes I am mulling over:

Kona Unit

2017 kona unit
2017 Kona Unit. Pic from On Your Left Cycles.

Steel.  Single speed.  27+ wheels.  Price around $1k.

Surly Karate Monkey

Pic from Surly.

Steel.  Single speed.  29er.  Price around $1200.

Salsa Timberjack

salsa timberjack

Aluminium (GASP!).  29er.  130mm suspension fork.  Price around $1k.


These three are my top new bike choices as of right now.  All of which check quite a few boxes for me.  One, they all have downtube water bottle bosses.  This is a big deal for me.  I refuse to carry a backpack for just water, so I carry as many water bottles as I can.  Downtube bosses just make sense.  Two out of the three are steel.  I love steel, and the Timberjack being aluminum is a minus for me.  But, I haven’t ridden AL for quite some time, it might be interesting.  Or I will hate it.  I should probably find an outdoor demo…

The Unit and the KM are pretty much the same bike.  Geometry is very similar, with the Unit being slightly longer and lower.  Try as I might, my brand loyalty gets in the way of my decision making skills sometimes.  Having seen the KM in person, it is a good looking bike.  For the extra $200 over the Unit, you are getting a better wheelset.  I would like to have just normal 29″ wheels again, not sure if I would like the 27+.  Yes, I could always buy a cheap 29er wheelset for the price difference too.  I need to see a Unit in person though.

The Timberjack is intriguing to me, but the parts spec just looks cheap.  That said, I am thinking it would be a great single speed.  Buying this bike would serve two purposes;  one, it adds a 29er to the stable.  Two, I would move the gears to my Cross Check and run the Timberjack as a SS.  Two birds with one stone.

Added to those bikes, there are a few used bikes that I am critiquing and quite a few more that I am desperately searching for.  I won’t go into that just yet…


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