Cross Check Action.

alt bar surly cross check

The Cross Check is finished, and now has a few miles on it.  Definitely what I have been looking for, even though I despise road riding.  Hoping this bike breaks that mentality.  Overall, the build was somewhat of a budget build utilizing my fixed gear for a good chunk of the parts.  Here’s the parts breakdown:

-54 Cross Check frame

-Chris King headset, bicycle jewelry for sure.  Is it necessary?  Nope.  Does it look good and will it last as long as the frame or longer?  You bet.

-Wheelset from my fixed gear.  This was entertaining to say the least.  Little did I know that track hubs are spaced at 120mm instead of 130mm that road hubs are.  Luckily, I had enough axle length to add simple spacers to reach 130mm.  I do want to buy a different wheelset sooner rather than later though, but for now this works.

-Crank, stem, handlebars from my fixed gear as well.  All of these will be replaced at some point.  Would love to do a fancy White Industries or Paul Components crankset at some point.  Bars will be swapped soon for either a Soma Sparrow or Surly Open bar.

-Avid single digit brakes.  No frills V Brake.  Old parts bin Avid brake levers.  They work.  I hate how they feel though.

-Brooks B17 because Brooks.

My plan is to run this as a single speed for probably this season, then add gears as a 1×10, with a thumb shifter and run it friction.  I also want to pick up a front rack to mount my Wald basket at times, but that will probably wait until I add gears.  Overall, I am incredibly happy with how this turned out, especially since it materialized very quickly and also on a whim!

alt bar surly cross check


4 thoughts on “Cross Check Action.

    1. Thanks! I dig how it rides so far, in my opinion way better than my cheap fixie. I also like how it rides compared to my old Macho Man too. This could just be New Bike Syndrome.

      Im with you on the ICT, I didn’t sell mine!

  1. Looks great! I had a lot of happy miles on my CC, usually set up a fixed gear. Why not throw on some bigger rubber to take advantage of that clearance?

    I’d like to get a Black Mountain Cycles Monstercross one of these days, but at seven bikes, I need to make some room first.

    1. Thanks Eric! I do plan on running bigger tires, but waiting to get a new wheelset before I go larger. Planning on running either the Knard, Nano 40 or my favorite Rock n Road!

      The Black Mountain monster cross would be awesome!

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