New possible build?!?


Potential bike idea:

I am a big fan of the Surly Cross Check, having one at one point for not too long, selling it before I got into the bike’s flow.  Anyway, instead of pulling the expensive trigger of a Rivendell again, how about a Cross Check frame?  Here is my thought process:

My favorite bike that I own as of right now is my fixed gear.  The only problem with it is it is not too versatile.  Not much for tire clearance, road calipers, and no rack mounts on the fork.  If I were to pick up a Cross Check frame, swap over the fixie parts, and voila! All the fixed gear’s faults are corrected in one fell swoop!

Makes sense to me, at least for today…


2 thoughts on “New possible build?!?

  1. Didn’t you sell your Clem because it was too roadish? And it was quite a bit more off road capable than a CC. Don’t be like me, try to learn from your past!

    I say: Troll or older 1×1, when they still had canti studs. Fat 26″ slicks will work OK off road. A nice challenge. Rear flip flop hub, one side fixed with a small cog, a larger freewheel cog on the other side for off road. Two chain rings up front to create gearing options (the rear rim brakes are necessary for the flip flop wheel).

    1. I like your gearing idea Eric. With my fixed gear being my favorite bike, the CC will make that bike even better. Wider tires, front rack options, v brakes instead of road calipers, etc. This bike will also be used for family bike rides, especially using the iBert seat for my youngest.

      I’ll probably build it and sell it not too long after, but I have wanted to give a CC another shot after a short lived dance a while ago.

      I am bummed too that I missed that Troll in Columbus! Dang!

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