One Bike to Rule Them All, or I have an idea…

In my constant search for bike nirvana, I find myself circling back to Jones bikes lately.  I have been a fan of Jeff Jones and his weird bikes for some time now, and I think that finally I have found what I am looking for.  Seriously, look at this stuff…



Here’s the thought process.  Sell the beloved fat bike.  Sell the Macho Man.  Frame up build of the Jones Diamond frame with the bizarre looking Truss fork, single speed, variety of front wheel options, and of course regular old 29″ wheels.  I think this could be pulled off if two bikes are sold.

Hopefully people still have that tax return money to spend…


2 thoughts on “One Bike to Rule Them All, or I have an idea…

  1. I have a Jones Plus. I like a lot of things about it: it’s super comfortable, stable, and confidence inspiring. But, it’s not the greatest ticket for tight Ohio trails. The regular Jones might do a lot better here. I won’t be able to find out, since I’m likely just above the top range of their non-Plus sizing. Anyway, I’m all B+ these days. Give it a try before you commit Jones money.

    1. Knowing that you have a Jones I was hoping you’d throw out your two cents Eric!

      I was thinking that about the plus when comparing the two, and honestly I really want to get back to the more “normal” 29er tire size. I really just think the Jones would be cool, hard to find one to demo though.

      That said, I did chat with my local shop last night about the new Kona Unit, which could possibly be the ticket with a second wheel set, and WAY cheaper than the Jones!

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