A Car Crashes into a River.


Driving along the road, I come to a bridge.  For some reason, I veer off the bridge and plunge my car into the muddy, brown, flood waters of the Little Miami river below.  Once my car hits the water, I think to myself that I need to crack the windows to slow the amount of water flowing in before I make my way out.  I am the epitome of calm.  I look in the passenger seat, and think to myself that I need to grab my bag, even though I know I should not, but I want to.  I glance in the backseat and notice that the two car seats are empty.  I am thankful for this.

Floating down the river, I notice that my driver side door is pointing up, and I think that now would be the optimal time to exit my sinking vehicle, especially since it could roll over at any point.  I open the door, and take a leap of faith.

Once in the brown water, I am struggling.  I am swimming as hard as I can, but I cannot reach the shore.  This continues for what seems like an eternity.  Swimming upstream, only to find myself,


Once on the shore, I have no idea where I am.  Trekking through the brush of this unfamiliar floodplain, I am completely lost.  Then, something looks remotely familiar…


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