ICT Plans.


Now that I have finally made up my mind with bike stuff, here is the plan with the ICT if/when the Macho Man sells.

First order of business is a new wheelset.  29+ on this bike should be pretty awesome, and from everything I have read online it seems legit.  Having two wheelsets would make this bike even more versatile.  As of now, I am thinking either Surly’s Rabbit Hole rims or Velocity’s Dually.  Either should be just fine.

Another plan is to order Surly’s 24pack rack.  I still like the idea of camping with my bike, even though I do not get out as much as I’d like.  I have a fat bike rear rack already, but I would need to order the new MDS chips to install it.  Front and rear racks, with the 29+ wheelset with say, Surly’s Extraterrestrial tires would be a bomber camping bike!

So far, that’s the plan.  Please see the previous post about the Macho Man if you want to deal!


2 thoughts on “ICT Plans.

  1. I put a 2.35″ Schwalbe Big One tire on the WTB Scraper rim on the front of my Jones Plus. I really didn’t like the way it handled–very herky jerky and wandering through corners. I’m happily running my plus tires on a Blunt 35 rim, that seems like a better compromise.

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