What to do with a Fat Bike…

If you look at this blog remotely, you have noticed my constant whining and complaining as only a millennial could possibly do in regards to bikes.  I’m going to sell this bike, I’m going to ride this bike til I’m dead, yada yada yada.  It’s a never ending cycle.  Pun intended.  All that said, I am still trying to figure out what the hell I am doing with bicycles.

I will preface this:  I do really really like the ICT.  It’s a fun bike.  It’s a heavy bike.  I do enjoy riding it.  However, I am a professional consumer.  New products hit the market, and I am drooling.  I use bicycles as a form of currency, so the ICT could bring in a decent haul, with either cash or a great trade.  But what would I replace it with?  That dilemma continues on repeat in my head.

I would like to have something lighter.  A “regular” 29er would be cool.  Do you all remember when 29ers were the weird bike on the market?  I remember reading articles and letters to the editor in Dirt Rag about how that wheel size would never take off.  Its funny to read those old issues now!  I would also still like a legit Rivendell.  A Hunqapillar would be amazing, as would an Atlantis, Sam, or Appaloosa too.  That has me thinking that I would be okay without a legit mountain bike…

surly ice cream truck fat bike

I enjoy mountain biking.  A lot.  Could I survive without a tried and true mountain bike?  Could the All City Macho Man fill the dirt requirements?  I think it’s possible.  For around a year my only bike in the stable was an Xtracycle conversion, then at another time my only bike was a Salsa Fargo, so I think it just might be possible.  But then again part of me wants to rejoin the single speed dirt tribe.

Again, whining and complaining.  At some point I will figure out my cycling lifestyle without buying all the bikes.

It is nice to have these thoughts bouncing around in my head as opposed to the train wreck that has been the Trump administration so far.  Bikes are trying to keep me distracted, which is welcome, but at the same time I am going to stay woke.


7 thoughts on “What to do with a Fat Bike…

  1. Have you ever thought about going vintage? There won’t be any vintage fat bikes, obviously, but there are plenty of nice rigid 26 inch wheeled machines out there. And they aren’t “hot” like vintage road bikes or touring rigs, so you can pick one up for cheap. And yeah, you are going to spend some time and money to “get it where you want it”, but that’s part of the fun!

    1. I do have an old Rollfast that I have been messing around with, essentially making it my bar/beer bike. However, if I found an old Bridgestone XO1 or something similar I would be all over that!!!

      1. I said “reasonably priced” bikes, not XO1! 😉 Seriously, the XO1 is a grail bike, and to find one south of a grand these days would require major luck. Plus, it’s not really a “mountain bike.”

        However, you may find the other bikes in the XO series for reasonable prices. I’d look for one with 26 inch wheels. I had a 700C Xo3 which was fine, but wished for fatter tires. And there’s always the MB series bikes too.

  2. There’s a Redline Monocog on the Columbus CL for $220 or so. Is 19″ your size? I have fond memories of my ‘cog. Almost nothing in Ohio you can’t ride on a rigid SS (well, I wouldn’t tackle Mohican, but I’ve seen guys try)

    Regarding old 26ers, I bought a ’98 Rockhopper for $50 last summer. It’s been a lot of fun. Not necessarily as a mountain bike, but there’s a lot of nice old mtbs out there that aren’t in demand like Bridgestones.

    1. I have seen that Monocog! I think I could make it work, but it might be too stretched out for my liking. I would love to find one though, especially in that price range.

      I’ve had a variety of SSMTBs over the years, and you are absolutely correct, you can ride pretty much everything in Ohio. I have done Mohican twice on a SS, and both were miserable days.

      I think if my ICT does ever sell, I’m just going to wait for a while for the right bike…

  3. I have pretty much slimmed my huge bike fleet down to two. I was also very much the pro consumer, I was probably on a new bike every 2 months at the most.
    At the minute out of the two I pretty much ride a Marin Nicasio everywhere, so pretty similar to the All City Mach Man, which was one of the bikes I recently removed from stable.

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