Inauguration Miles.

Slowly getting to know the Macho Man, and initially everything seems perfect.  Sure, the shifting is not dialed as of yet, and the rear wheels needs some truing love, but overall this bike fits me WAY better than the Lemond.  Since it was Inauguration Day, and I had zero interest in watching any of it, I went for a bike ride instead.

all city macho man disc

It was rainy and muddy;  fitting for this Inauguration Day.  Since this is primarily a cycling blog, I won’t go too into this topic.

Fuck it.  Let’s talk politics.

I am not a fan of President Trump.  This election has hit me harder than any that I can remember.  Before you go all alt-right with the snowflake name calling, I am not whining here.  I want the President to succeed.  When he succeeds, we all do!

There are a few things that dare I say that I like from the newly elected President.  I like that he is an outsider.  Career politicians are not the way to go, in my opinion.  I love the idea of “draining the swamp.”

However, there are many more things that I detest.

I am not a fan of spreading hate.  I am not a fan of treating women as a second class citizen. I am not a fan of egos.  Definitely not a fan of outright lying to the American public.  I am afraid for the first amendment, especially the freedom of the press.  I am afraid for my fourth amendment rights, as I assume that our great country will become even more of a surveillance state.  I am afraid for the environment.  The list goes on.

This is all uncharted waters.  I hope he does well.

Back to bikes…

all city macho man disc

After a few rides this weekend, I am loving this bike so far.  The steel frame feels snappy, even with the heavier WTB mountain bike wheels.  I really don’t care about weight, as I could lose a few pounds around the midsection, and I ride a fat bike as well.  This bike is crazy light comparatively!

all city macho man disc

I think I will keep this one around for a while.  It keeps me sane with all this political hoopla that clogs the airways.

Be kind to each other.


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