See ya 2016!

Another year in the books, and what a year it was.  The trendy thing to do is complain about the entertainers that we lost, and say how bad 2016 was, but in reality, 2016 was good to me.  Lots of good bike rides, lots of good trips, a new baby showed up even.  Did I accomplish any resolutions?  Probably not.  Not even gonna dive into that.

For 2017, it’s a short list for me this year.

  • I want to dunk a basketball.  At minimum be able to grab the rim.  Odd, but true.
  • More adventure biking.  Rides with trails, rides with no trails, rides with pavement, all of the above.  More about the adventure than a destination or mileage.
  • No more beer.  I do like beer, but my whiskey experiment of 2016 was a slight success.  I spent less money, drank less, and overall my body felt better.  Who would’ve thought?!? I will stay on the whiskey train.
  • Ride a century on the fixed gear.  Maybe a charity ride, maybe just a ride on a random Saturday.  I just want to ride 100 miles fixed, just for the challenge.

Thats it.  Easy enough I think.


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