Monkey Lust.

Every year when companies drop their new models, the collective of bicycle geeks drool over their keyboards at once.  I am one of those geeks.  You have probably gathered that already.  In my current attempt at being a great consumer of bicycle goods, the new Karate Monkey has my attention.  I would love to find an old Karate Monkey as well, but I feel that the new version with a slightly updated geometry might be better suited for me.  And I do like the purple.  Now only if I could sell the Lemond…

However, I am starting to come to terms that I am not going to be able to sell the Lemond. I broke one of my rules to bicycles buying/trading, which is only to stick to well known brands that have good resale value or name recognition.  The Lemond has neither.  I assumed that there were a bunch a folks out there that would be similar to me seeing that the bike has an American made frame, and that would override the lack of name recognition.  I was wrong on that one.  Anyway, I have done a few more rides on it, and I am starting to figure it out a little bit better.  Definitely not a bad bike to be stuck with!  But if someone wants to buy it…


2 thoughts on “Monkey Lust.

  1. If you feel like dumping a bunch of money into the Lemond, you could put some 650B wheels on there with fatter tires, and an upright On One Mary type bar to make up for the long top tube. That would be speedy, cool cruiser!

    1. I tossed around the idea of making the Lemond a flat bar, but I didn’t want to drop the money into it. Luckily, I stripped the parts off of it and put them onto another frame that was my size, and selling (fingers crossed) the frame/fork/wheelset tomorrow!

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