Sitting at the back of a school bus, as an adult, with a few friends from elementary school, there is a nervous feeling in the air.  Every person on the bus has this floating box thing that is visible over their right shoulders.  The boxes are all different colors, with a number on the box.  I’m not sure if they are really there, or if they are holograms.  Regardless, my number is negative and the color red, along with my friend John.  At this point, someone mentions that you cannot listen to Slayer.

“… and thats why you are not allowed to listen to Slayer.”

I start to laugh.  “Can you believe that, you can’t listen to Slayer!”

John and I are laughing hysterically, and our numbers on our floating box thing is dropping more negative.  For some reason, this makes everyone around us more uncomfortable.  I lean over to my friend Nick…

“Can you believe that you are not allowed to listen to Slayer?!?”  I slap Nick on the shoulder as I say this.  Nick won’t look at me at all.

“You can’t listen to Slayer.  It drops three feet.”  Nick responds, while looking straight ahead.

“It drops three feet Cody!  Just listen!!!”  John yells making everyone uncomfortable, while somehow starting the song.

(Start at 2:02 if you want to hear what played in my dream…)

I start laughing more, all the while the bus drives on and mine and John’s numbers continue to drop more into the negative.


I’m in a white interrogation room, which feels small but somehow looks huge.  A man in a suit stands behind a white modern love seat, and is clearly irritated with me.  My number box over my shoulder is now green and in the positive realm.

“You need to tell me what I need to know NOW!”  The well dressed man shouts.

I say nothing, and at this point realize that I am restrained in a chair.

“Well, if you won’t talk willingly, what do you want?”  The man is now wanting to deal.

“Lea Thompson.”  Is my odd reply.


Out of nowhere, Lea Thompson, in all her Back to the Future glory, is standing beside the man in a white robe.

“Do you like what you see?”  The man slips off her robe and I realize that she is naked.  He directs her on the white love seat.  He starts touching her and mentions that it could all be mine.  At this point in the dream, something bizarre starts to happen in her vagina, and in a motion reminiscent of Ace Ventura When Nature Calls, a person comes out of her vagina. The person is a naked brunette holding a pistol, and once her arm wielding the pistol is free of Lea Thompson’s crotch she fires a shot into the man’s head.

“I’ve got to get you out of here, you are in grave danger!”  Says the naked lady with the pistol, as she begins to untie me from the chair.  Once free we start to leave the interrogation room, while the empty naked shell of Lea Thompson lies motionless on the love seat.


We are moving fast at this point, all the while I seem to be learning a ton of information, none of which sticks with me.  My floating box thing is explained to me as a learning human computer, which interacts with others’ floating box things, to share and learn information.  The more interaction that you have with other individuals, the more information you gain.  At one point making our escape, the naked lady tells me to make a bomb, which I reply I do not know how.

“Use your ((…..)*cannot remember the word used here).!!!”    She screams in reply.

I look at the floating box, still showing green and a positive number, and place two Stanley thermoses near a truck with hooded individuals who clearly are watching for us.  Before placing them under the truck, I knock them together, set them down and run.

While running with the naked lady, I see a flash and hear an explosion…

And thats when I woke, just before my alarm.




3 thoughts on “Dreams…

  1. Hello Codsow,

    Wow! That Lea Thompson part of the dream was crazy, I feel confident in saying that I have probably never dreamed of anything like that or even heard of anyone dreaming of anything like that, now that was creative and unique et cetera. 😀

    Thank you for sharing your wild dream,
    -John Jr

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