Bike Comparison…

With my Lemond listed for sale, I have been pondering the next ride.  Moving away from all things road/gravel/cross related, I want to stick to more of a MTB to compliment my fat bike and fixed gear.  I have to say, on a side note here, that the fixed gear has ruined my bike stable.  That bike, in all it’s fun ways, has ruined anything road related for me.  I constantly find myself wanting to ride it.  That’s sooo 2008 right?!?  Like I care about that.

Anyway, back to the dirt.  The fat bike in the woods is awesome.  Sometimes however, I look for having something a little more nimble.  I did try out a 29er hardtail last year, but with it’s standard cross country geometry I found quite boring.  That said, here is the rundown for round two of looking for a lighter dirt bike:

Surly Krampus

Photo from

29+.  Steel.  Rigid.  Easily converted to a single speed.  Checks a lot of boxes for me.

I have thought about a Krampus for quite a while, and honestly they look like a good time.  Every time that I start down this road though, I think of just buying a 29+ wheelset for my ICT, which would essentially be the exact same bike…

Trek Stache 5


29+.  Easy to single speed.  Carbon and aluminum?!?

Similar to the Krampus, kinda, but still interesting in it’s own right.  Same issues with this bike for me as the Krampus though…

(Normal) hartail 29er

trail bikes
I would LOVE to find one of these older Airborne EVOs…

Lots of bikes get lumped into this category.  Just a hardtail 29er.  Aluminum?  Steel?  Carbon?  Whatever.  Just a hardtail that is not fat whatsoever.  Bikes on this list:


  • Airborne EVO 29er (like above)
  • Kona Honzo
  • Surly Karate Monkey
  • Haro Mary
  • Trek Superfly

You get the idea…

Kona Unit

2017 kona unit
Pic from On Your Left Cycles.

27+.  Single speed.  Steel.  Braze ons for days.

This bike is pretty cool, and I’ve written about it before.  I like the idea of this bike a lot.

All City Log Lady

all city log lady
Pic from

27.5.  Steel.  Rigid.  Fun geometry.  Named after a character on one of my favorite shows.

This bike looks like a party.  I feel that it is a bit high priced for what you are getting.  Still cool.

Thats it.  Lots of bike options here in the coming weeks.  Gotta sell the Lemond first though…



2 thoughts on “Bike Comparison…

  1. Cody, I had a Krampus, so I’ll offer my $0.02: I liked it well enough, quite a bit quicker and more nimble than a fat bike, but after several rides I just found it too long and stiff my tastes. I really prefer my ’12 Karate Monkey with a not quite plus tire up front (a FBN “3.0””, actually about a 2.5″), and a 2.4″ in the rear. That’s a nice, nimble combination with a springy steel frame… though I’m tempted by 27.5+ lately for our twisty trails. Raleigh has some tempting insider deals, check out the mtbr deals forum.

    1. Thanks for the thoughts Eric. I would love to find an older Karate Monkey, or possibly the new one as well. I’ve always thought he older style would be a great bike to have around.

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