Coffee Outside, Errands, and New Bike Day…

pure cycles pure fix wald 137

With the Clem gone, the fixed gear is back in action as my coffee/beer bike.  I moved my Brooks saddle and Wald basket over, and headed out early for some coffee outside action.  I have to say, the more I ride this bike the more I become enamored with it.  So simple.

coffee outside bluet wood burning stove
Bluet wood burning stove doing work.


coffee outside
Forgot my Soto Helix… 

After a nice cup of coffee, I realized that the local bike shop was open, so I packed up and headed over to Bishop’s Bicycles.  The new bike needed a small part, and I ended up picking up a new pump.  Props to Wald baskets for being so practical:

wald basket, park tools

Speaking of the new bike:

lemond poprad disc cyclocross steel is real
Lemond Poprad Disc.

After having the Clem listed for sale for a while, I got an email with a bike trade offer.  I have been interested in another road style bike, even though I do get bored with road biking, but I wasn’t too into it.  To make it work, I needed cash too on the trade, which the offer was accepted and the bikes were swapped.  No solid ride on it just yet, but overall I am impressed.  I will get to the details in the future.

lemond poprad disc cyclocross




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