Sunset Rides.

Putting my fixed gear through the paces this evening, with a touch of dirt.

fixed gear single track
Fixing along the river.

Easily the cheapest bike that I own, which was free, this bike is quickly becoming my favorite.  Push the pedal, the bike moves forward.  Want to stop, push the other way.  And squeeze the front brake just a touch.  Simple bike.  And it’s steel.

fixed gear single track
You can sometimes find fresh fixed gear bikes growing on trees along the Little Miami.

The simplicity of this bike is completely winning me over.  One thing that might be in it’s future could be a new fork.  A fork from the likes of Surly, say a Disc Trucker or Straggler, would be pretty awesome.

After tooling around on the dirt for a bit, I was welcomed with this along the path on the return trip:

ohio fall sunset
Sunsets are cool.

For quick rides with no real place to be, the fixed gear is the bike that gets the call from the bullpen.  Fun bike.


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