More (different) Bike Lust…

2017 kona unit
2017 Kona Unit. Pic from On Your Left Cycles.

Once again I’ve found myself bike lusting.  I have the Rivendell listed for sale again, this time with a potential buyer.  I have made some changes to my fixed gear, and it is a blast.  Never thought I would say that…

Anyway, with the Riv potentially gone, and I want to spend more time in the dirt, I have been looking for single speeds to join my ICT in the garage.  The ICT now has some suspension again, and it is a good time in the woods.  Adding a single speed would be a great option.  Enter the 2017 Kona Unit.

The Unit has always been a bargain in my book, and has been on my list of bikes for some time.  This model year brings 27+ tires into the fold.  The frame could also accept normal 29er hoops, and I have even read that it can take 29+.  Haven’t seen evidence of that, just read on bike forums that its a possibility.  All that for $1K.  Not bad.

Long story short:  If the Riv does sell, I am picking up one of these.


4 thoughts on “More (different) Bike Lust…

    1. I don’t know what the hell im doing with bikes!

      I am a horrible consumer, new shiny things distract me easily. I guess I have bicycle ADD.

      Fornthe Clem, the more miles I put on it, the more it is just “blah” to me. Time on it in the woods is uninspiring. For times on the bike path, my fixed gear fits the bill.

      I’ll probably change my mind in another week or so…

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