One more trip round the sun…

buzzardroost rock

Another year, another year older.  I feel like this is a milestone birthday, turning 35.  Holy crap.  How did that happen?  Had a nice hike to the view above in celebration.

This one however, has me thinking of the future.  As in, how much longer do I have?  What do I need to do to live forever?

For starters, I need to be more active.  I feel that I already am pretty active, but really I need to get moving every day.  At least for 30 minutes.  There is no excuse for not doing so.  I always think that I need to run more, even though I despise running.  I do have a nagging feeling about doing a trail 1/2 or full marathon, but I’m not sure if that’s in the cards.  A 1/2 could easily be pulled off though.  This time of year, I always start to lean more towards trail running in place of mountain biking.  Random stream of thought there.

I also need to focus on eating better.  I eat like shit.  Along with that, I could always drink less beer.  Beer also has not been agreeing with my system lately, so that will be easy enough.  Bourbon has been an acceptable replacement too.  Less calories, less filling, and I am saving money on that front.  Bonus.

My random goal for this milestone year is to be able to dunk a basketball.  That seems to be a worthy goal.  If I can pull that off, I think my overall fitness will be in a decent spot.

Random thoughts.  35 is a weird age.  I’m now off to blast my legs with exercises…


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