Dear Millenials

Dear Millenials,

With the current state of the world, politics and whatnot, there are some things that might need to be addressed.  This election season seems to be the most unpopular in recent history, which might have some of you pondering possibly voting for a third party option.  Especially, since your beloved Bernie is no longer fighting the good fight, at least in your eyes.  While third party might seem viable, let me tell you a personal story.

Back in 2000, I had turned 18 and was eagerly awaiting my first chance at participating in our country’s democratic process.  The options were the uninspiring Al Gore (pre-Inconvient Truth by the way) and George W. Bush.  Neither of these men had my support, for various reasons.  One person who did however, was Ralph Nadar, the Green Party candidate.  I liked a lot of what he said, and thought that maybe, just maybe he would gather enough of the popular vote to establish a third party.  Regardless, my one vote would not really make a difference, right?  How was I wrong!  These Green Party votes took away from the Democrat side of the election, and we all know how history played out!

As a fellow millennial (even though I identify more with thisI get it.  Times are tough.  You are working multiple jobs, probably part time at that.  You have loads of student loan debt.  I get it.  You have been misled that you could be anything you wanted, I’m sure your parents told you that.  It’s not true.  Sometimes, you can’t make a living with dried pasta art.  Reality sucks.  What does your vote matter right?

It sucked then as well, back in 2000.  I worked two full time jobs.  I went to college out of my own pocket.  I also tried to make a living playing music.  So believe me, I feel your pain.    I worked 6am to 230pm, went home and took a nap, then worked at a bar til closing time.  I went to a Tech college, not a fancy $40,000 a year private institution.  I made choices that were based in reality, not whatever I wanted it to be.  And the great thing is, it all worked out.

This election is tough, just as the one in 2000.  However, the risk is much much higher.  A vote for a Third Party is a vote for the most unqualified person for president in the history of elections.  Gary Johnson is not the answer.  He has a couple great ideas, mixed with the usual Libertarian nonsense.  Jill Stein is getting beat in the polls by a dead gorilla, so I would hope she is not getting your attention.  I agree, Clinton is not the best candidate either, but she is based more in reality.  This picture sums it up for me:

Not sure of the author, this was pulled from Twitter.

Let that sink in for a minute.

This election is important.  Your vote is important.  Please be smart about it.

Your fellow Millenial,



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