A touch of politics…

With the first big debate coming up on Monday, here are some thoughts on the subject:

This should be an interesting debate.  Trump and Clinton have been spending a ton of time talking about each other, and this will be their first time talking AT each other.  Notice I didn’t say, “to” each other?  If you have been paying attention to either side, you know how the debate is going to go.  Trump will attack Clinton on transparency and probably insult her in some way.  Will make boasts about how “great” and “huge” his plans are.  Will probably back nothing up with facts.  Clinton will, I would assume, points out Trump’s flaws, will possibly dodge some questions by returning to past questions, and will probably get frustrated.  In the end, it will not matter.  Trump fans do not care about facts, and Clinton fans are not really Clinton fans, they just despise Trump.  Its amazing what American politics has become…

A more than likely topic of the debate will be gun violence, which sadly happened again last night in a mall in Washington state.  I haven’t read too much on the incident as of yet, but I have not seen much about the shooter.  Of course, no matter what, Twitter is abuzz with anti-muslim rhetoric, even though the shooter hasn’t even been identified yet.  Great job internet.  The anti-muslim movement in this country just needs to stop.  Saying an entire religion is a terrorist organization is absurd, that would be like saying all christians are members of the KKK.

I will say though, the longer this election goes, it does seem that the KKK has more members than I imagined…

Politics over, back to bikes.


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