Updating Clem…

clem smith jr

I’ve been called a lot of things in my life, and one term that is pretty accurate is indecisive.  With bikes anyway.  The Clem is hanging around for longer than I anticipated, of course after a few changes.  Stock tires had to go, replaced with a familiar face in Schwalbe’s Rapid Rob.  Great traction in the dirt, and a great roll on the pavement.  Super bonus they were on sale for $12 per.  I’ve ran a ton of miles on Rapid Robs, and they have completely changed this bike for me.  Cheap upgrades are always a win in my book.

Other major change was the removal and sale of the Surly Front Rack.  Bomber rack, super sturdy, but huge overkill for what I need.  I hope to replace it soon with a smaller rack from Nitto, and also pick up a rear rack on the cheap maybe.

newbaums cloth bar tape

I’ve had a roll of Newbaums cloth bar tape hanging in my garage for some time now, so I decided to wrap the upper curve of the Bosco bars for another hand position.  I am still not sold on the Boscos, but this has already warmed me up to them.  I also finished the tape off via the Rivendell method of twine, although my twine job was a larger stock than I thought.  I will admit, it looks like shit.  But I dig it, and also, it feels good.  Added my old brass bell to boot.

I’m sure more changes will be rolling down the way.


6 thoughts on “Updating Clem…

  1. I’m always loathe to give advice,but as far as bikes go you and I tend to be in a parallel universe. I have a Big Dummy which I just got back from an overnight camping trip with my 6 year son, but by far the best all rounder for solo riding everything is my ICT with 29+ wheels , Jones loop bar and Bluto fork! I have a few other bikes, but except for racing these two can cover it all!


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