Stable Update…

With the constant rotation of bikes in my household, here is an update of the newness in regards to bikes:

Pure Fix fixed gear.

fixed gear

When a friend asks you if you want a bike, the answer is always yes.  Recently, a friend of mine was in the process of moving, and asked if I had an interest in a fixed gear.  I’ve always been impartial to fixies, and since I just bought a bike my bike fund was kinda low.  After explaining that I didn’t need to buy another bike, my buddy says, “No, its free.”  Now that changes everything.

wald baskets

Nothing really fancy overall.  Basic steel frame.  I did add my Wald 137 basket, with gives this bike a utilitarian factor.  I have been riding it to the bar and also the beer store, which works well.  I am still figuring out how to ride a fixed gear too, which has been odd, but I feel that I finally have it down.

Clem Smith Jr.

clem smith jr.

I’ve had the Clem listed for sale locally, with absolutely zero interest.  I’ve always heard that Rivendell’s have great resale value, but you just have to find the weirdos that want to ride them.  That said, I this this bike IS going to work out for me, with a few subtle changes.  First, I added a set of knobby Schwalbe Rapid Robs.  I used them on my Fargo, and they are a good mixed use tire.  Next, I have my Surly Front Rack listed for sale.  It is an amazing rack, but seriously overkill for what I need.  If I can sell it locally, I will pick up a smaller rack, like a Nitto Mark’s rack.  With a basket on the smaller front rack, I will probably pick up a cheap rear rack for any chance I get to go camp.  Or, I could possibly pick up a bigger Sackville saddle bag, then run the bag I have now up front.  Ah, the possibilities are endless!




One thought on “Stable Update…

  1. Glad to hear that you are keeping the Clem! For rear racks, there are a few other low cost options, esp. if you want to go the “zip tie a Wald basket” to it. I’ve used the Blackburn MTF-1 on a couple bikes, and they are solid if unexciting racks. And they are usually south of $50.

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