Clem Smith Jr. For Sale?!?

rivendell clem smith jr.

Wait, what?!? Already?!?

Yes, I have only had this bike a month.  Yes, I have it listed for sale.

It’s a cool bike.  I do like it.  However, I’m not really sure that it’s a bike that I need.  I have been thinking more along the lines of how I actually ride, versus how I would like to ride.  In a perfect world; I would take a tour, ride some gravel, camp more, and mountain bike.  Reality time; I mountain bike, and putz on the local bike path, usually to go buy beer or go to a bar.  For those rides, this bike is not necessary.

I’m not into road riding.  I keep trying to convince myself that I am, but it’s just not true.  I despise it.  It’s boring.  I enjoy spending my free time riding a bike in the woods.  That is who I am.

All that said, I have the Clem listed locally.  It’s a cool bike, just not for me.

Should’ve kept that damn bike box…



6 thoughts on “Clem Smith Jr. For Sale?!?

  1. A full on bike tour is not in my cards as of right now. And for commuting, I actually did a couple days ago on the Clem. It was not too enjoyable. I will admit I am struggling with the Bosco bars. Commuting however is not very practical for me, it’s 20mi one way, which takes about an hour thirty. While I am fine with that amount of riding time, 3 hours total commute added to a 10 hour work day is not fair to the wife and kids. It’s just not practical for me really.

  2. Some of my best rides in the last couple of years have been towing my kids around town with a trailer and/or trail-a-bike. This might be a great use for the Clem in a year or two. Towing 150+lbs to the library or ice cream adds some interest to street riding!


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