One Bike Stable Problems.

One of the issues, or first world problems if you will, of having one bike in the household is what happens when things break.  After selling a couple bikes and putting me into this category, the inevitable happened in the form of a broken rear derailleur.  Luckily, only the inner cage was broken.  After a long week waiting for the replacement, ten minutes and a bourbon on the rocks was all it took to fix the problem.


After that maintenance, the next day I had a visit from the newest shop in town, VeloFix.


VeloFix is still relatively new to the Cincinnati area, and it is super convenient.  They were hanging out in my driveway for another project that was above my pay grade:  Installing my rigid fork on the Ice Cream Truck.


I am a big fan of steel forks, and the Bluto was just not doing it for me.  Plus, I can now carry more water on my rides, and I would love to pick up a Surly rack for the front as well. After a short ride today, I can see the Bluto heading off to eBay in the near future.

Still waiting on the new bike from Rivendell too…


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