Changes, more changes…

In my current mode of changing things up a bit, quite an amazing change happened over the last two days.  But, let’s start at the beginning:

garmin forerunner

For starters, I picked up a lightly used older GPS.  I have been wanting a wrist GPS for a while, but the price of the newer models is unbearable.  That, added to the fact that the new models also track everything, sync with your smartphone, monitor your daily step count, send you reminders to floss, etc. was a deal breaker for me.  I don’t need that sort of quantified living stats to ponder, I just wanted something to record my route, and give me quick updates on my wrist of my adventures.  Enter Craigslist.  I picked up this older model on the cheap, which was barely used.  Already, it is incredibly handy.  Not that I really give a shit about workout stats, but I do like to keep track sometimes.

The single speed sold, see the post below.  That got me thinking, “Maybe I could sell the Fargo and buy something different?”  So, Fargo was listed, and sold the next day.

salsa fargo

I kept the front rack and basket, Revelate Designs gas tank, and the Brooks and Banjo Brothers saddle bag.  Those parts will be moved over to the new ride:

rivendell clem smith jr.

A Clem Smith Jr. from Rivendell!  I have been a big fanboy of Rivendell for some time now, and as of today one is on order.  I am super jazzed for this one.

Overall the bike is spec’d pretty low, which keeps the overall price of the bike down.  I’m not too worried about that, I will just replace and upgrade parts once they stop working.  The big part that might get swapped quickly are the handlebars, but I want to get some miles on them before I make any changes.  Now the waiting game begins…


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