Spaceship Dreams.


I’m standing in a forest, a clearing in a forest, which appears to be on top of a hill.  Higher elevation anyway, as I can see the horizon.  The sky is so blue that it looks fake, with the cliche puffy white clouds off in the distance.  It’s a beautiful day.  A loud noise occurs, that is indescribable.  I look to the horizon, and there is a large, step pyramid in the sky.  Dark grey, and is flying towards me.  I am frozen with fear, but at the same time incredibly excited.  The flying pyramid stops above me, and a hatch opens towards the bottom.  A smaller ship flies out of the hatch, which looks like a flying desk.  Two human shaped beings are sitting at the flying desk.  I am paralyzed, staring at what is unfolding.  Hovering above me, one of the beings asks,

“Are you ready to go?”


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