Bringing People Together.

Mountain biking is amazing.  What started as a simple solo ride, quickly turned into a group effort.  Starting off at nearby Terrell Park, I shot a text off to a buddy that the trails were dry.  Probably the only dry trails in the area.  After stopping to chat on the phone, another rider rolled up.  Han Solo no more, group ride out of nowhere!

Fat, mid-fat, and gumwalls.

Riding what I like to call the Milford Classic, our group had quite the variety of bikes.  Danny was rolling his SS Monocog, with a Surly Ogre fork, and sweet Maxxis gumwalls.  Sherman was rolling an amazing Surly Karate Monkey, 1x drivetrain, and on WTB Trailblazer 27.5×2.8’s on WTB Scraper rims.  This is the first I have seen this setup in the wild, and it was amazing.  I need to look into those for the Fargo, as that would make it quite the adventure rig.  Rounding out the group, I was rolling on my Ice Cream Truck.  Boring.  Definitely not as cool as the other rigs!

Valley View Preserve.

After riding Terrell, we made our way to Carriage Way, then over to Valley View preserve to complete what I like to call the Milford Classic.  Such a great way to get some miles in on a variety of trail systems, and close to home.  Perfect evening spin time!


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