salsa fargo
Fargo, in it’s element.

Today was a “get to know you better” ride with the Fargo.  I’ve had the bike listed for sale/trade the past month or so, and little to no interest, so I’m keeping it.  I am more than okay with that too.

While I was looking to pick up a cargo bike, or a similar lighter ride, the Fargo is exactly what I need in bicycle terms.  Today’s ride reminded me of that.  Is it overkill?  Pretty much.  Is it a great bike?  You betcha.



6 thoughts on “Re-aquainted.

  1. I tell my wife there is no money in secondhand bikes (which is true). If you loved the bike once you will love it again and regret that you sold it! I have a Big Dummy, I just held held on till one turned up secondhand (rare in OZ) and snapped it up! I love it but only ride it occasionally, but as with all my steel bikes I will never sell it!
    Hope one turns up for you!

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