Salsa Fargo for sale…

salsa fargo
Salsa Fargo, as it currently is spec’d.
Even though it is an awesome bike, I have the Fargo listed for sale at the moment.  Not that I need to sell it, or really want to sell it, but I have my eyes on something new.  Here’s the link to the Craigslist posting if you might be interested.

The Fargo is an amazing bike that is capable of a variety of riding styles.  I used it mainly as a mountain bike for my first year with it.  People seem to forget that it was designed as a mountain bike, around the Woodchipper handlebars.  It’s pretty fun in the woods.  But, it is also great for road rides, gravel, and of course camping.  Not that I want to sell it really, but I would like to pick up one of these:

surly big dummy
Photo from MTBR, from SelfPropelledDevo. If you’ve never read his threads on the forum, you are seriously missing out…
A Surly Big Dummy.

I love cargo bikes.  Have had a few in the past, and now it would be a good time to pick one up again.  I’m now at a place where family rides are going to start becoming more of the norm, and a long tail makes great sense.  Load up my two oldest on the back with their bikes, ride to the bike trail, then ride to the park.  Then put that on repeat.  When family rides are not happening, strip the bike down like the photo above for any other sort of riding.  Makes sense in my mind at least.

If you’re looking for a Fargo, shoot me an email.


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