I found myself in the woods.  They seem vaguely familiar, but the feeling of being lost clings to the air.  I look at a map, I’m searching for a well marked road to piece together a bike ride.  I follow a double track to a barbwire fence, and in a small road cut below I see a gravel road, and across it is the road I am looking for.

Private Road.  No Trespassing.

The sight of the sign sinks my spirits.  Traffic is now raging on the gravel road below, and most cars and trucks slow down to get a good look at me.  No one seems too happy about it.

Thylacine, or Tasmanian Tiger.  Thought to be extinct since 1936.

I turn around and start to move back along the double track.  Once I am moving, I notice a very small Thylacine drinking water from a small metal bowl.  It stops drinking for a moment, looks at me, then goes back to rehydrating.

I continue moving along the double track, retracing my steps.  In the path stands a Red Fox.  This fox is much larger than in real life, and I make a mental note of how large it is. It’s around the size of a coyote or wolf, much larger than it should be.  It stares.  It’s gaze is powerful.  I mention to the fox that it should go take a drink of water.  As I mention the water, the fox starts to move past me, and I notice it’s right side is full of mange.  The left side looks normal, but the right side looks to be in horrible condition.  I turn and mention the water again as the fox strides on.  Once I turn, the fox is now investigating a dead brown and white cow, whose entrails are spilled over the soil.  The fox looks back, then it continues on its journey.

I turn, and start back down the double track retracing my steps once again.


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