The term leadership gets tossed around an awful lot these days.  That does not bother me much, but the fact that most do not know what true leadership is, does.


How many times has a “leader” told you to do a specific task, only “Because I said so”?  That is in no way, shape, or form true leadership.  A leader is one who knows the specific information, but does not gloat.  A leader has an ego, but is still humble.  A leader requires others to perform at their best, but helps them find their best.  True leaders are not born, but are developed over time.

What most companies fail to realize is that leaders are not the know-it-alls of their specific fields.  True leaders are people persons, not experts.  You can know everything under the sun on a topic, but if you cannot communicate that information to your employees you are worthless to them.  People skills are one of the most overlooked aspects of leadership, and that is why most managers fail.

Leadership is not easy, but nothing worth doing in life ever is.


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