2016 Cycling Goals.

The New Year has come and gone, and I have been trying to figure out what my goals for 2016 might be.  Sure there is always the “bike more,” but I thought I would go into more detail about that general statement.  That is the overall theme to my 2016 goals, but here are a few caveats to that:

raleigh xxix in milford

Spend more time in the dirt!

I sometimes find myself straying from the joys of mountain biking, only to return eventually to where it all started for me.  Mountain biking is my passion.  I enjoy everything about it.  Being in the woods is therapy for me, and on a bicycle makes it that much more impactful to my psyche.  After getting rid of the Colossal and picking up the XXIX, my stable is finally solid in my opinion, giving me ample options to enjoy my cycling time in the dirt, which is the main priority of my available riding time.

surly ice cream truck
Exploring the Little Miami River on the Surly Ice Cream Truck.

Push the limits of the fat bike.

Staying with the dirt theme, I really want to push the limits of how I use a fat bike.  The Surly Ice Cream Truck is amazing, and the crazy wide tires open up a whole new world of cycling.  I am trying to stay away from just riding single track with it.  Even though that is fun, I need to find spots that are unrideable by other bikes.  I feel that is the only way to even justify owning a fat bike.  So far, I have found quite a few awesome spots since I have owned it, looking forward to finding quite a few more!

fat bike

salsa fargo

Do more bike camping trips.

With the sale of the Colossal, that put the Fargo into more of a road version.  Then I went all in by adding a Surly Front Rack.  I have always liked the way the Fargo rides, so it becoming my road ride only makes sense.  Whereas the Colossal was confined to it’s 28c tires, the Fargo has much larger limits.  I would like to get out more for some S24Os, and also some gravel rides.  That should be easy enough.

Cheers to 2016!

Overall, I just need to get out and have more fun while riding.  That sounds like a great plan.  Let’s do this 2016!


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