New Bike Day.

Usually, this time of year I re-evaulate my cycling habits. I look at what type of riding I did, what I wanted to ride, and overall what my enjoyment level was for the year. I also fall into reading more about cycling in the colder months, and usually that reading is from Rivendell bikes, so whatever I have been doing I usually think I need to make a change. That said, it’s new bike day:

raleigh xxix
Raleigh XXIX

I didn’t mountain bike as much as I would’ve liked this year.  Granted, I just bought a Surly Ice Cream Truck, and it is fantastic.  It has opened up a whole new world of mountain biking that I never knew existed.  But, when pressed into “normal” single track duty, it is a little cumbersome.  Still fun, but a little slow.  Ever since my first fun ride, I had the thought in the back of my mind for a more “regular” 29er for single track only duty.

This is where Rivendell comes in.  I have recently turned my Fargo into a road/gravel/anything warrior, complete with canvas bags and a front rack. It has been an absolute joy to ride on the roads, and is one of the more useful bikes that I have ever owned.  Like a poor man’s Rivendell.  Thanks to the Fargo getting some serious love, the Colossal was somewhat shelved, looking pretty and collecting dust.  What if I could sell it to get another bike?

Instead of a sale, I found this steel hardtail, and offered up a trade, and it was a go!  Bikes are currency, which is a statement my wife is appreciative of.  We traded the bikes straight up, which was fair in my book.

gates carbon drive
Gates Carbon Drive.

The Raleigh XXIX is from 2015, featuring a steel frame, Fox suspension fork, 29″ wheels, Shimano hydraulic disc brakes, and the Gates Carbon Belt Drive single speed drivetrain.  Raleigh stated making the XXIX a few years ago, and I have always thought they were cool, but never threw a leg over one.  Time to change that.

fox suspension
Fox in the front, party in the back.

With the loss of the Colossal, I gained a solid single track platform for days that I want to go a little faster.  The Colossal was fun, but I really find road biking boring for the most part.  If I’m going to do a long ride for a few hours, I prefer to spend that time in the woods, not droning on and on the pavement.  Should be fun to get to know this bike!


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