Surly Front Rack.

surly front rack
After searching for what to do with my Fargo, even considering trading or selling, I finally feel I have it where I want it, at least somewhat. Last night, I picked up a Surly Front Rack from a fellow bike blogger/Instagrammer who happened to be in town for the big turkey holiday.  After chatting for a bit at a Starbucks, I started on mounting this heavy duty rack to the Fargo.

I’ve read quite a bit about people having a hard time mounting these racks, and actually it was not as bad as I feared.  After some trial and error, and with the assistance of a Problem Solver nut to clear the disc caliper, the rack was mounted and looks like I hoped it would.  Awesome.

seatbag tool kit

David also makes bicycle bags, and hooked me up with his tool kit roll prototype to test out.  Right away, it is pretty cool;  heavy duty 1000d Cordura material, with an elastic strap to hold it all together.  I used one of my Salsa straps to attach it to my seatrails, so we will see how this thing holds up over the next few wet months.  Click on the link above to check out his Facebook page, and buy a handmade bag!




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