Riding for Coffee.

This time of year, temperatures change with the wind.  One day the day starts out in the 50s, the next the high 20s.  Such is life in Ohio this time of year.  Last year at this time, we already had our first snow day…

Surly Ice Cream Truck.

I only had one plan, ride somewhere interesting and make coffee.  I have been trying to pull this off for a couple weeks now, and between my forgetfulness or scheduling mishaps it just hasn’t happened.  I wasn’t letting the cold temperature derail me today.

Coffee spot.

After riding for a bit, I ended up stopping at a familiar spot, the major creek crossing of East Fork’s Tec Trail.  I have crossed this spot numerous times, and today it seemed perfect for a coffee spot.  The higher than normal water flow also supplied a perfect soundtrack.

32oz. bullet growlers make the perfect water vessel.
Where there’s smoke there’s coffee.  Or something.

I have my coffee kit almost dialed.  I really enjoy the simplicity of the Bluet wood burning stove.  Paired with the Soto Helix pour over coil, coffee outside is pretty easy.  My whole kit fits nicely in a REI 5L dry bag, which tucks into my Revelate Designs seat bag perfectly, with room to spare.  I also think the ICT makes the perfect coffee bike, as I can now ride to some interesting locations with those huge tires.

Here’s to coffee outside!

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