Let’s talk Politics!

After a flurry of great political topics over the past week or so, here are my favorite topics of conversation in regards to our great American political system in case you were not paying attention.

Mt. McKinley becomes/returns to Mt. Denali

President Obama takes a trip to Alaska, primarily to give a few primer talks about climate change before the big climate summit, and changes the name of Mt. McKinley to Mt. Denali. Not really a big deal right? Wrong! Ohio lawmakers lose their minds, claiming Ohioans are disgraced that the mountain named after Ohio’s own, the 25th president William McKinley should stay that way. As an Ohioan, I should be outraged right? I will be honest, I’m not.

Since a major election is in the near future, politicians are frothing at their mouths about changing the name back, basically to spite the president. Donald Trump has stated he will change the name. A few Ohio politicians are trying to legally fight the name change in a congressional setting. Great idea guys, spend all of our tax money on tiny pet projects that no one cares about. Great job Ohio.

If I were a betting man, I would assume that most Ohioans have no idea who William McKinley even is.

Kentucky Clerk of Courts works for God

Down in the land below the mighty Ohio, small town county clerk Kim Davis has once again denied same-sex marriage licenses, even though the Supreme Court says its legal, and she lost in court the first time after denying people due to her beliefs.

I am blown aways that this is even an issue. Is she allowed to be a Christian as an elected clerk of courts? Absolutely. As an elected official for the state, is she allowed to use her private beliefs to justify not doing her job? Absolutely not. Her religious beliefs are not being infringed upon, she does not have to like same-sex marriage. But her job is to make sure that applicants meet the required standards set by the state, not God, and in this case they do. Case closed. Do your job.

North Dakota okays use of drones by police, with added non-lethal weapons

Probably the most frightening of all the news this week, was that North Dakota will start using UAVs with non-lethal weapons in combating crime. Non-lethal weapons means tear gas, rubber bullets, bean bags, pepper spray, and also with an added side of surveillance. The surveillance aspect does have the caveat that a warrant is needed, but for the weapon side it is ready, set, go.

This is scary. Drones are already causing lots of problems in our country, and most places do not let you use them in public. Now, with police utilizing the technology, that will only make their horrible public image better right? I would seriously doubt it. I hate to use the slippery slope argument here, but this is the beginning of a very bad thing. The safety topic keeps being brought up about drones, as in they will make our world safer. I would only offer up this quote:

Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.
-Benjamin Franklin

Truer words have never been spoken. Factor that in with any of the NSA conversation and I could write a book. I will save that for another day though…

Great week in politics, I would imagine that it is only going to get better the closer we are to the presidential election!


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