Encounters in a Country Bar.

In my youth, I spent a lot of time in small town country bars. Sometimes you will meet down to earth, good natured folks. Other times, not so much.

A friend and I stopped in a small bar late one night to buy some beer to go. Walking into the place was like walking into a dimly lit cave, just a few lights on, and just under ten folks at the bar. My buddy and I walk to the end of the bar to order our beer to go, which happened to be where a shady looking man was contemplating his Busch Light. I say shady, but he reminded me of Chris Cooper in the film Adaptation.

Right out of the gate, the man asked a zinger of a question.
“You boys got any cocaine?”
Shocked, I stammer out, “Uh, no.”
“Well I suggest you boys get the fuck out of here then.”
And with that, he returned to staring at his beer, and we swiftly left.


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