Let’s Jump on the Wagon.

no drinking this month
Like all good experiments that I do in my life, I need to make this one public. I am jumping on the wagon. What wagon, you might ask? The no drinking booze wagon, yep, that one! Sounds fun right?

For starters, I am not an alcoholic. I do like my beer. I really like it. I do drink fairly regularly. Not getting fall down drunk, or buzzed even, just usually a beer at the end of the day and I am finished. Sometimes two. Not a whole case until I am this guy:

But, alcohol is empty calories. This past week, I was hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park with my family. While coming in and out of the park, we would stop and shop in the nearby towns of Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge. Holy hell the level of obesity in this country! I was blown away at the sheer lack of physical activity that the majority of folks possess. It was downright disgusting at times.

But, that is not why I am hitching myself to the wagon. I am pretty active. My diet does not suck. But I cannot get into decent shape for the life of me. Add in the fact that I am now in my mid 30s, and weight just doesn’t come off like it used to. This week I drank more than I usually would, and I could feel it in my body. The pores on my face decided to throw up in the form of pimples from all of the excess sugars I consumed. That was enough for me. Experiment time, this month I am dry. Let’s do this.


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