One topic that seems to keep being pushed into the forefront of American culture this year is racism. This is an issue that I have never understood, not the issue itself, but the issue of how the hell is this still happening? It’s 2015 people, how are we still chained to these old world ideas?

Growing up in the middle of nowhere where I did, with the county’s diversity at basically nil, I had never met anyone of any other sort of ethnicity. If there is an incubator for racism, this would be the starting point.

Luckily, racism was not a part of our household. Parents with hippie ideals in a small town can work wonders on the mindset of a child. That paired nicely with the fact that we had satellite TV. The Cosby Show played in our house, MTV enlightened me to this thing called hip-hop, and the Michael Jordan led Chicago Bulls were on constant rotation. From my parents, I was taught that everyone was equal and to not think in color. Racism was not part of my curriculum.

When I got older, I started to notice more and more people had negative attitudes to those who were different than their pale faces. Even though they had never met anyone of another background, there was a sense of hatred. Confederate flags were flown off of trucks and hung in garages. Even though we were in Ohio, the stars and bars were almost the norm. This wasn’t flown out of heritage or due to the Articles of Confederation, or love for Jefferson Davis, but it was flown out of hatred.

I will admit, I have never been profiled. I have never experienced the feeling of a racial slur. I have never been stopped by the police due to me fitting a description. I do not know what that feels like. What I do know is that after the church shooting in South Carolina, a person who has probably never had those issues either committed a heinous crime. All due to his hatred. This is unacceptable.

While it does not bring any of those people back, removing the Confederate Flag from the SC state house property is the right move. It does not take away any history, or personal heritage some might feel to the South, but it does remove a negative feeling that a lot of our country feels just by seeing this relic of the past. Well done South Carolina, this is a great first step.

And let’s be honest, the South lost the Civil War. Flying that flag supports a losing team, and that’s damn near traitorous among other things…


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