Encounters in the Waiting Room.

Quite often, I find myself in random conversations. So random in fact, that I usually find myself scanning the area for the film crew of Candid Camera. Odd people seem to seek me out, for what ever the reason.

waiting room

One random warm Ohio winter day, I decided to wear a new pair of sandals to the dentist. Every chance I have to free my feet I jump at it, even in the winter. Luckily, this day was pushing sixty-five.

An older gentleman is seated in the waiting room as I enter the building, and I can feel his eyes watching me walk across the room. My check in goes as expected, the usually blank conversation wrapped in a smile that happens every six months due to my dental plan. I find my typical waiting room reading material, and take a seat at the end of the room, waiting for my name to be called to hang out with the various drills, polishers, and chair massager of my routine tooth maintenance.

“Sandals in January. Who would’ve thought.” The older gent dressed in military surplus couldn’t hold in his comment any longer it seemed, as it was bursting out of his toothless face.
“Yep. It’s pretty nice out today.”
“Well, at least you are not wearing shorts.”
The man shakes his head with a look of disgust.

At this point, I go back to my waiting room reading. And then it continued.
“When you walked in, all I could hear was this clip clop of your feet, I thought you just had some busted ass shoes. But no, you are wearing sandals. In January.”

Times like these make me wish it were socially acceptable to use the phrase, Fuck Off, but instead, I half laugh and go back to my reading. Soon after, I am shuttled back to a room where a chair massager works out the kinks in my back and the hygienist takes the coffee stains off my enamel.


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