Don’t let communication become a mythical beast.

communication unicorn
At work we have the communication unicorn. It’s a magical beast that you can hear galloping away into the distance from time to time, usually following conversations. It is never seen, but when there is a communication mishap, you can surely trust that the creature has been there. The horned horse is a master at manipulating dialogue, which usually goes along like so:

“So and So wants us to go XYZ over there in a couple minutes, are you ready?”
“What are you talking about?”
Normally followed by looks of sheer confusion.
“You know, XYZ? It was mentioned in the email.”
‘What email?”
“From ABC yesterday. We need to go XYZ in a few minutes, you didn’t get the email?”

Looks of confusion slowly morph into frustration, but all fades away once the soft sound of galloping moves off into the distance. If you are lucky, you might even hear it whinny.


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