Where has the NRA been?

While out and about the other day I noticed this bumper sticker:
stand and fight
Stand and Fight.

While I normally do not pay attention to much of what the Tea Party or their super friends and supporters have to say, this sticker made me pause and reflect a bit, and then stuck with me for the remainder of the day.

Stand and Fight.

The NRA pushes a pro-gun agenda, and I can understand that. I do not think that the government will ever pull off disarming this great country, nor do I think that they are trying. I have no issue with guns. But I do have an issue with this bumper sticker.

Stand and Fight.

My issue with this sticker is that the NRA does not stand and fight. Where was the NRA standing side by side with the folks in Ferguson Missouri during their riots? When the local police force rolled into town looking like a well armed military unit, where was the NRA saying arm yourselves against your government? Similarly, where was the NRA in Baltimore helping to protect those citizens from an abuse of power from their civil servants? Instead of helping out these citizens of both respective cities, there was a deafening radio silence. I would imagine that if things get hectic in Cleveland, the NRA will do more of the same. That is why I do not like this bumper sticker.

I guess the NRA must still be in the desert hanging out with Cliven Bundy, the man they defended when he decided to not pay his taxes.

Stand and Fight. Yeah right.


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