Bikes and new stuff…

Lately I have found myself at a crossroads of sorts. Not a full blown mid-life crisis where I buy a motorcycle and join a half assed Sons of Anarchy style gang, but of a what the hell am I writing about sort of thing. Of course, I am pining over my next bike purchase, as if this guy is not doing it for me:
adventure by bike
Which, for the record, it is.

But for some reason I feel that I need to be doing something more productive. What is that you may ask? I’m not sure. That said, I think there may be some changes to the content of this site coming real real soon. Bikes are still going to be there. But now, maybe some politics? Maybe some of my deep thoughts? Maybe a picture or two? Might I dive into fiction? Essays? I have quite a few ideas, and not sure really what to do with them.

While cleaning out things on my smartphone today, I came across a section in my “notes” called quotes. I had forgotten that I created this tiny area in my pocket computer for quotes from others that I thought were inspiring, creative, or just plain neat. I have no idea who said it, but I feel that this really sums it up though.

You can’t be what you were… So you better start being just what you are.

True that.

family bike rides


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